Edit an Organization

To edit an Organization:


1.  Click on the WDCS Main screen.  The system will display the Organizations screen.


2.  Locate the record of an organization by using the Organizations tab on the Organizations screen.  The system will display a list of records that match the search criteria entered.



3.  Click next to the desired organization.  The system will display the Edit Organization screen for the selected organization.



4.  Edit the appropriate information on the screen.


Note(s):  Certain fields on the screen may be grayed out, depending on the type of organization.  For example, if the organization is a Host Agency, fields that apply to Employers or Training Providers only will not be accessible.


When editing an organization, a second and third SCSEP type may be designated, if applicable, for the organization.  Simply click for the appropriate SCSEP type(s).  When additional SCSEP types are checked, fields specific only to those SCSEP types will become accessible for editing .


5.  Click to update the database with the revisions.  The following confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen:


The changes have been successfully saved!




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