Log In

Log in directly to SPARQ using the URL:  https://www.sparq2.doleta.gov/


1.  Click in the upper right corner to display the SPARQ Login screen.



2.  Enter your assigned User ID.



3.  On initial login, enter the default system Password given to you by your administrator.


4.  Click .


Note(s):  After entering the correct User ID and Password for the first time, you will be prompted to change the default password to one you choose.



5.  Enter the default password in the Current Password field.


6.  Enter a new password in the New Password field and again in the Confirm New Password field.


Note(s):  Passwords are case-sensitive


User-selected passwords must contain at least one alphabetical character, at least one numerical character and at least one special character (for example, !,*,+).


7.  Check the certification checkbox.


8.  Click .


Your password is now changed to the one you have chosen.  You may use it in the future when logging into SPARQ.




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